I’m excited to celebrate 16 years in the fitness industry this year! It’s a good time to look back at what I’ve achieved so far, and how that helps me shape the future. Since the beginning of my career, I’ve learnt that science is progressive. From then on I’ve dedicated myself to continuous learning and development – becoming the ‘go to’ person in my field.

I’ve come to learn that my most valuable asset is my experience. This can’t be duplicated or gained through a qualification – but earned. I’m now replicating myself through mentoring and coaching other personal trainers.

I’ve worked with clients across the spectrum: children to senior citizens, Olympic athletes to exercise novices, extremely fit individuals to clients with disabilities and various medical conditions. There isn’t anyone who I can’t tailor an exercise and nutrition package for to support their goals.

If you can’t learn the way I teach, I adjust to teach the way you learn. I don’t stop until I have a strategy that works for you.

I love educating others and sharing my knowledge and experience about health and fitness. I simplify the science so that you know and understand why you are doing what you are doing.

As you can see, I’m happy to work with anyone. . .

1) General health and fitness goals: from beginners to advanced

Are you completely new to exercise and want the best foundation or you have trained for years, fallen into bad habits and want to improve your technique? Do you go to the gym and jump straight onto the treadmill, rower, etc. because that’s all you know? There are better and more effective ways of achieving weight loss and tone than just doing cardio!

Whether your goal is to lose weight, tone up, get fit, build strength or muscle, have a strong core or washboard stomach. Whether it is to run a 5K or a marathon, or it’s for that holiday or wedding coming up…

I can motivate you and help build your confidence. I provide exercise programmes, personal training and a number of different tools to get you working like an expert!

2) Pregnancy: Pre and post natal fitness

Pre and post natal – are you looking to get pregnant, already expecting or just given birth? Are you having challenges with pregnancy?

3) Improving medical conditions through exercise

Do you have medical conditions or disabilities? Heart or cardiovascular related conditions? Over or underactive thyroid, asthma, smoking, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, sleep apnoea, hypertension, arthritis, lower back pain, stroke, obesity or overweight conditions – or you just want to avoid any kind of ill-health?

I’ve worked with all these health challenges and more. . .

“If my mind can conceive it, and my heart can believe it – then I can achieve it”.

“Impossible is nothing!”

I’m ready to work with you. I’m sure you’re certain by now I’m the personal trainer you’ve been looking for! Let’s START TODAY – book a FREE CONSULTATION with me to discuss your goals.